Bệnh Viện Quốc Tế Hạnh Phúc Tuyen Dung

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Hanh Phuc International Hospital (HANH PHUC) is today the hospital of choice for Women và Children. It is known as a prestigious hospital with state-of-the-art facilities, modern equipment, skilled medical professionals và service staff và a dedication lớn providing great patient care. Opened in January 2011, HANH PHUC an 8-storey, 258-bed Women’s và Children’s hospital is: - the 1st Singapore Standard Hospital in Vietnam giới - the 1st Hospital to lớn introduce the novel concept of unique patient and personalized patient care - the 1st Hospital who believes in partnering our patients và their families in delivering effective, differentiated & integrated care for the wellbeing of our patients

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- Hỗ trợ người mắc bệnh trong công tác vệ sinh, dọn dẹp phòng ở- Hỗ trợ Bác sỹ, Điều chăm sóc trong ca có tác dụng việc- Chịu trách rưới nhệm về dọn dẹp và sắp xếp trong phạm vi được giao- Quản lý cách thức dụng cụMột số công việc khác theo phân công của trưởng thành phần

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•Receive sầu all incoming calls in most effective manner : fasthử nghiệm pick up, warm and clear greeting•Determine customer requirements•Effectively transfer lớn appropriate department if applicable•Research required information using available resources•Provide customers with sản phẩm và service information in general•Enter new customer information into system•Update existing customer information •Make doctor’s appointments following arranged roster•Document all call information according lớn standard operating procedures•Complete call logs•Identify & escalate priority issues•Insize next higher level any relevant feedbaông chồng from customer.•Follow up customer calls where necessary•Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.•Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new và different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to lớn job accomplishments.•Daily update internal telephone directory •Assist management team for admin job, paper works if assigned